Mexican ska band Panteón Rococó return to the music world with an incredible and highly-anticipated album entitled Infiernos. The band’s signature fusion sound that encompasses a great variety of musical elements and genres into its scheme has sparked a worldwide following In appreciation of their musical craftsmanship. Panteón Rococó is known for trailblazing headliners and sold out shows.

After entertaining audiences for over two decades, Panteón Rococó serves up an electrifying 11-track masterpiece. Infiernos is bursting at the seams with creativity and human experience. The production of “Infiernos” was under the direction of the 3 great producers: Jorge Chiquis Amaro, Enzo Villaparedes and Álvaro Villagra; it includes multicultural collaborations with great friends and musicians like Los Auténticos Decadentes (Argentina), Dub Inc (France), Jonáz (Mexico) and Andrés Ciro Martínez of Los Piojos (Argentina).

The is an intense ride from start to finish. The opening track Miradas is filled with urban flavor that paints a very cinematic visual for all to hear. Panteón Rococó continues its splurge of fantastic grooves with songs like Questo Que’lotro and Bum. Amazingly, we find every song on this album has its own orbit of compelling instrumentation and measures that reach the hilt of perfection and encompass the sophistication of life and its stirring complexities. Infiernos!


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