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Singer and songwriter Mutch Katsonga aka Indie Soull is on the verge of releasing a new album entitled New York “Soull”. Widely known for his phenomenal pop sound, Indie Soull has certainly built an endearing reputation and repertoire of music. He has performed in venues around the world. Earlier this year, I had the blessed opportunity of reviewing The Alive EP by Indie Soull to the delight of our subscribers.

Indie Soull’s newest offering is a handsome collection of live performances and a few studio recordings. New York “Soul” is comprised of eleven original tracks featuring all new music from Indie Soull. The album opens up with Mother Mary, which is a live performance that was recorded in Brooklyn and sets the tone for what is to follow. Song after song Indie Soull is able to enchant listeners with the beauty of the album’s organic expression. Tracks like Iron Door and Saints With No Names to mention a few are melodic testimonies of Indie Soull’s inventiveness and deep-seated abilities.

New York “Soull” is a stand-alone winner. Indie Soull successfully weaves a tapestry of inspiring music while infusing a little bit of New York City in the process. Indie Soull has put forth a different cool with a spectacular vocal performance to match. New York Soull is set for release on January 1st, 2019 and will be available on all digital platforms.

New York “Soul” by Indie Soull (Pre-order on iTunes)

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