The First Lady of Hip Hop - Miranda Writes

miranda writes
The First Lady of Hip Hop – Miranda Writes

Popularly known as the “First Lady of Hip Hop,” the charismatic lyricist Miranda Writes lets off a shot to close the curtain on another year of life’s reality show. 2018 has certainly been a good year for the rap world’s educated diva. Ms. Writes opened 2018 receiving Album of the Year honors for the post-modern classic album titled Know Your Worth. Her fiery energy and industrious nature led to other hits like Too Blessed and Time to Time, along with some awe-inspiring live performances and interviews. Just when you thought this festive banquet was nearing its end, Ms. Writes returns with yet another banga – Actin Different.

Actin Different is Miranda Writes at her finest! She always comes with the soothing essence of soul rap for the body and mind. In her own words, Ms. Writes describes the track’s theme as being “inspired by the fact that we all sit on our phones constantly scrolling assuming we know people just based off of what we see. We’re more than that, we’re more than a “story” and I just wanted to share a little bit of mine.”

Miranda Writes demonstrates one of her greatest flows ever. Putting in all that work musically throughout the year has certainly paid off. Ms. Writes attacks the mic with an unprecedented edge of confidence and vigor over this attractive rhythm. Actin Different is an easy ear-candy intellectual rap favorite. When it gets down to the nitty-gritty, you got to respect the First Lady on her grind. Actin Different is Miranda Writes shining at noontime.

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