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2019 Awards

Warlock Asylum International News Awards
Warlock Asylum International News Awards

Warlock Asylum International News believes in the acknowledgment of unsolicited achievements. It is for this reason that in 2016 a consistent program of recognition was put together to make sure that the voice of the people is heard over corrupt industries.

In 2019, we have expanded the reach of our website and community. It is due to such that we have added additional categories for a much more organized experience. The awards are given out based on the merit of the recipient up till the announced year. I would like to personally thank our readers and subscribers for their continued support.

2019 Women of the Year: Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar aka Cardi B

2019 Man of the Year: Russell Spencer Downe

2019 Author of the Year: Daniel Harms

2019 Rap Music Producer of the Year: Pete Atkinson a.k.a Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer

2019 Rap Song of the Year: Actin Different by Miranda Writes

2019 Rap Album of the Year: Flourish (An Album for the Awakening Soul by Tunde Akin

2019 Rap Lyricist of the Year: Ephect

2019 Rap Artist of the Year: J-Carter

2019 Artist of the Year: Trip Morris

2019 News Journalist of the Year: Bill Weinberg

2019 Entrepreneur of the Year: Tanya Tate

2019 Album of the Year: Conversation With Esu by Ngoma

2019 Song of the Year: MistaRomeo by Yvonne Sangudi

2019 Rock Album of the Year: As Birth Becomes Life Becomes Death by Jugular

2019 Adult Film Star of the Year: Jillian Janson

2019 Classical Music Composer of the Year: Ahmed Karkanawi

2019 Music Video of the Year: She Cheated Again (Dax Cover) by epAdemyk – Directed by Mark Bowie

2019 Martial Artist of the Year: Noah Chace

2019 Shaman of the Year: Akachi Lamb