Heralded by the Huffington Post as “the next great songstress,” the Tanzanian-American singer, and songwriter Yvonne Sangudi is truly gifted with a heavenly voice and a melodious sense of chorale. Yvonne’s entrance into the music business began as a child. It was during this time that she began singing, writing music, and performing, all within in a sincere effort of perfecting her craft.

After years of working for television stations and record labels, Yvonne starting taking control of her career, which resulted in the establishment of Éclat Media Enterprises, inc. in Los Angeles, California. Since this time, Yvonne has been making moves by making music. Her debut single Tanzanite peaked at #35 on the iTunes charts.

Despite taking a four-year hiatus from the music world after enjoying the success of her first single Tanzanite, Yvonne proved to the world, but more importantly to herself that she has the dexterity to achieve prosperity. In 2018, she released MistaRomeo, a tantalizing song that incorporates elements of dance, electronica, and reggaeton onto its musical landscape. On December 15th, 2018 MistaRomeo peaked at number #1 on BuzzMusic’s Top50 Hits In Los Angeles (Read Warlock Asylum’s full review of MistaRomeo).

MistaRomeo is an exhilarating tune with a positive vibe and a world groove that ultimately brings out the best in people. Although MistaRomeo’s theme describes a familiar tale of a love gone wrong, Yvonne subliminally demonstrates how to move on and into a festive heart-mending celebration of feeling free again. Listeners get to experience Yvonne’s attractive demeanor and sophisticated ambiance in the altitude and rhythms of the track’s pulsating beat. MistaRomeo is the other side is love at from the first note heard. It is with great honor that I am happy to announce MistaRomeo by Yvonne Sandui as the recipient of the Warlock Asylum International 2019 Song of the Year Award! We wish Yvonne Sangudi and her family all the best in the year ahead!

Warlock Asylum International News 2019 Song of the Year Award: MistaRomeo by Yvonne Sangudi

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