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A Review of Flourish (An Album For The Awakening Soul) by Tunde Akin

The multi-talented life coach, motivational speaker, producer, and rap artist Tunde Akin has been able to accomplish what many in the hip-hop world only seek to obtain. As a voice of a generation, Tunde put faith in his dream to produce a rap album with the message of walking on the path of purpose rather than conforming to peer pressure and the machines of false vanity that often entrap many. Sure there have been many “positive” rappers, but these sincere lyrists only point out problem and promote ill emotions over situation that they themselves cannot change. All in all, there messages of positivity are nothing more than seeds of frustration.

Tunde Akin is a self-made man and his experience in the inner work of no name qualifies a real artistic expression of self-empowerment that anyone can use as a constructive tool. There is nothing mundane about Tunde or the preachiless message that he imparts. His new album entitled Flourish (An Album for the Awakening Soul) is a definite must-have for those seeking to reinvent themselves by letting their inner beauty shine out. Tunde spits bars that can let even the weakest of minds out of their self-contained prisons.

Flourish (An Album for the Awakening Soul) is comprised of fifteen tracks and a few talented features that make tasty dish of sound in their collaboration with Tunde and the album’s timely message. Tunde has put together nothing less than a game changer. Definitely, a monumental work, Flourish (An Album for the Awakening Soul) shines as an Instamatic classic.

Flourish (An Album for the Awakening Soul) Track by Track Review

Poetry (featuring Lady Zuumah) – Wow! A very impressive opening for what will turn out to be a wonderful album. This is definitely what the doctor ordered. With a heavenly musical landscape that draws from elements of hip-hop, r&b, and electronica, Tunde Akin charters his verbal domain with an inspirational dose of the brighter side of reality, something that we’ve all been anticipating. Lady Zuumah adds her charm to this instant hit with a mind-blowing vocal performance and gift of song. Poetry is as good as the rising sun.

For a Lifetime – This entrepreneur-themed jewel will put a smile on your face. One thing that stands out about Tunde’s performance as a “positive” rap artist is that he speaks in the first person. Often times, I find that rappers who speak out of character with a pointing-the-finger cadence sound preachy. However, Tunde admirably boasts about the benefits of putting virtue first, putting a higher power first, in the first person and confidently imparts energy that is contagious, enabling the listener to feel confident in pursuing their dreams.

Good Boy – The production on this track is tremendous. Its carousel-like keyboard riff works well in reminding us of the dreams we had during our youth compared to our life today. Tunde spits compelling bars that really make his listeners think about their life and if they are compromising their happiness for a paycheck. Awesome!

Story of My Life – Tunde opens his treasure chest once again with a pot of lyricism that remains true to self. The verse that caught me on this track was “I used to think that my life was a horror flick until I found out that I’m the one that authored it!” As Tunde explains how he came into his own, there is a place in his story where we can see that we are authors of our own. The production’s bright but rugged edge makes this track attractive to both hood ambassadors and metropolitans alike. Brilliant!

Precious (feat. Oladi) – As Flourish continues to unfold as an album, it transforms itself into a refreshing presentation of conceptual art that describes movements of life. Precious is a telling tale of a relationship between brothers, and a loss of a brother, and love for a brother. While the loss of life can be gripping, Tunde’s reveals a healthier side of things by remembering cherished moments with his late sibling. Oladi delivers an appropriate harmonic vocal that makes this touching rap song an epic narrative.

Genius Zone – Being the best that you can be takes getting into your zone. Genius Zone is a symphonious expression that discusses how aware we are of our own subconscious mind in action. Yes, awareness attracts awareness and Tunde’s power of the subconscious mind forms itself into a formula called the Genius Zone.

The Little Things (feat. Nina Monet) – Tunde’s craftsmanship as a verbal alchemist is intensely profound. The Little Things is a great example of his creativity. In this cinematic offering, Tunde paints a picture of the struggle in trying to overcome financial oppression. He reminds us that the keys for doing so are within ourselves. Songstress Nina Monet blesses this track with a soulful prayer in song. The Little Things is Tunde’s reminder of what can be ascertained by looking at the big picture.

Flourish Interlude – Tunde expands on the album’s continuity with an orchestral track where he employs the use of spoken word to reach his theme of feeding our souls with the only food it can digest and through this process, our lives will flourish.

Nepotism – Tunde touches on how to let your inner divinity shine out into the world from within and how to avoid some of the subtle traps wherein people have forfeited their souls. The music is a smooth downbeat that makes it easy to focus on the song’s theme.

Inscape – Inscape reminds us of the vital truth that there is nowhere that you can hide from yourself. Tunde not only states this gripping truth but lets his listeners know that by going inward we can recover the beauty of our souls.

Getting What I’m Owed – The law of cause and effect is beautiful for those who have done the inner work on themselves. Tunde paints a poetic tale that is charmingly braggadocios. Money falling out of the sky and other valuable lessons of enlightened bravado make Getting What I’m Owed a masterpiece.

Never Enough – The production on this track is candy to the ears. Tunde utilizes this fragrant beat to spit a colorful rap song. Definitely, one of the album’s gems, and a worthy candidate for rewind-button addiction, a true love story indeed.

Second Chances (feat. Deacon) – This is one of my favorite tracks on the album as it embraces a struggle that we all face in one way, shape, or form. Tunde illustrates the recovery of his soul by letting the inner guilt go and making real choices in life. Another amazing aspect about the Flourish album can be found in the organic nature of its production. Deacon’s guest appearance and contribution as an R&B singer makes this refreshing offering one full plate of joy.

Wildest Dreams – The drum programming on Wildest Dream is exceptional and adds a bit of luster and richness that gracefully coincides with the tune’s. Of course, the verbal benefactor shapes the landscape of this groove in ways unimaginable, the skies the limit.

For Jade – Tunde concludes his classic presentation with a sincere rap song about meeting his queen and love of his life. For Jade is filled with the nostalgia and magic that we often feel when romantic love comes into our experience. For Jade captures these emotions and thoughts in a way that only Tunde can express.

Flourish (An Album For The Awakening Soul) is a masterpiece! Its very existence is a tribute to its ideals. Tunde Akin marvelously is able to take even the deepest spiritual concepts of self-transformation and imbue them into a hip-hop schematic that it constituent with the genre. Tunde’s work is not only a landmark for the rap world but a tremendous gift to human society that will hopefully be archived and study for its musical achievements. Thank you, Tunde Akin, for all that you have done.