2019 Awards

2019 News Journalist of the Year: Bill Weinberg

On the streets of New York City, Bill Weinberg ranks as one of the last missionaries possessed with the spirit of the old East Village. Weinberg’s nest egg of purple haze doesn’t stop with philosophical jargon, as he remains to be one of the most celebrated news journalists in the country. His commitment to political awareness is unprecedented.

The Father of Revolutionary Journalism- Bill Weinberg

For twenty years Weinberg worked as the primary producer of a weekly late-night radio show on WBAI in New York, called The Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade. Weinberg’s work work has appeared in Al JazeeraThe NationThe ProgressiveThe Village VoiceThe Miami HeraldNewsdayNew America Media,  NACLA Report on the AmericasMiddle East Policy,  Toward FreedomIn These TimesYes! MagazineIndian Country TodayThe Amsterdam NewsThe EcologistEarth Island JournalCity LimitsCannabis Culture and numerous other publications. Most notably, Weinberg has consistently presented a spectacular display of news journalism through Counter Vortex. It is with great honor that I am proud to announce William J. Weinberg as the recipient of Warlock Asylum International News 2019 News Journalist of the Year Award. Many blessing be upon you and all your literary endeavors.

Warlock Asylum international News 2019 News Journalist of the Year Award: Bill Weinberg

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