Based out of Chicago, Illinois, the multi-talented rock soloist Dave Hedrick brings elements of his integral sound to audiences worldwide under the banner and band name of Color Out. While the ingredients of Color Out’s musical expertise ranges in genre, the quality of work is always progressive. Color Out’s new EP titled Inside A Dream is an exceptional work of art that truly epitomizes the sonic glory captured by the musical veteran.

Released in February 2019, Inside A Dream is comprised of six cutting-edge tracks. Amazingly, Color Out is able to deliver something that purists of the rock genre will cherish while still being able to maintain its own uniqueness.

Inside A Dream Track-by-Track Review

PresageInside A Dream opens with the delightful sounds of Presage. This track has all the ingredients for the journey ahead, which seemingly includes electrifying guitar riffs, a brilliant hook, and some savvy lyrical content.

Faith (Coming Clean) – This song begins with a head-nod groove fueled by guitar and some awesome percussion. The song’s title alludes to a plea to maintain self-honesty for romance to continue. Dave’s offers a great vocal performance that carries the weight of the track’s its rock-bed rhythm. A terrific tune that takes us on the edge of the mental cliff and back.

Inside A Dream – The title track possesses a warm expression of rock’s progressive side. The thought-provoking lyricism greatly enhances not only the depth of the track, but also the EP. Inside A Dream has a strong structure that provides Color Out the room for free expression.

It Takes Just One – Color Out demonstrates a great deal of inventiveness on this track. It Takes Just One builds an enchanting sonic landscape from a simple melody. The haziness of the track and its electric guitar measurement are quite euphoric and entertaining.

Worth It – A charmingly rich song, Worth It will surely touch your soul with its message of love and romance. This is a remarkable song with industry-changing potential, somewhat of a ballad that is radio ready.

Mercurial (Acoustic) – Color Out sums up this tremendous effort with an acoustic jewel. Mercurial is a very cerebral song with a backdrop of acoustic guitar, which allows the audience to focus a bit more on what is being said. The melody and lyrics are easy to fall in love with.

Inside A Dream is a powerful presentation by Color Out that has tremendous appeal.  In many ways, Color Out’s latest offering is a groundbreaking  work of art that is fitting for academic study for its perfect expression of musical theory and listening pleasure. For more information about Inside A Dream, please visit Color Out’s website at:

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