Early in 2018, I had the blessed opportunity and honor of getting to know both the band named ECHOGLASS and their astonishing music (Read the review here). Based out of Blackburn, Lancashire, ECHOGLASS reigns as one of England’s premier bands. The group is an electrifying musical act with rich expressions of melody and an attractive pop sound.

ECHOGLASS is comprised of members DA McKenna (frontman), Remmy (guitarist), Bo Calista (bassist), and Bam (drums), who have infused the moral ethics of hard work and raw talent into their amicable undertakings. The group’s new EP titled Stories from the North is an enchanting journey that strikes a chord for lovers of melody that feeds the soul.

In a manner similar to such legends acts like The Beatles, Eric Clapton, and others, Stories from the North is inspired by ECHOGLASS’ personal experiences and life in their hometown. It is through the eyes of ECHOGLASS’ viewpoint that we are able to identify a larger synergy in the working patterns of human life. Stories from the North is a charming presentation of what we’ve come to know about life through our own experience. This epic EP consists of four soulful tracks that provide an excellent testimony of ECHOGLASS’ musical genius.

Stories from the North Track-by-Track Review

Youth – A delightful track that proves to be the perfect opener for this outstanding work of chorale. Youth begins with a flirtatious drumbeat and equally tantalizing melody that is made bright from the group’s invigorating guitar riffs, piano, and harmonizing vocals. The lyrics turn out to be a recipe for motivation. The song concludes with a chant about North West of England football casuals’ legend Shaun D that effectively compliments its theme.

Sett End – Here we get to see the brilliance of ECHOGLASS’ inventiveness. This is a beautiful song that was inspired by the acid house scene in Blackburn, which was the center of the world for rave during the Summer of Love. Sett End’s clear and precise dialogue of acoustic instrumentation does well in enhancing the song’s structure. Sett End possesses a broad sonic landscape that includes acoustic guitar, synth, and strings. Sett End is one of those songs that resonate as an instantaneous hit from its opening vocals.

Peppermint Place – This track has a retro feel and is reminiscent of the trendy goth-pop music scene that dominated the mid-1980’s. Peppermint Place is the name of a huge nightclub in England. Thus, we find a particular timelessness in the track’s electro-pop sound. Peppermint Place centers on the theme of finding romance at the nightclub of the same name. The song has a steady groove that remains consistent with ECHOGLASS’ organic nature. There is also an entertaining break, which gives way to a really cool guitar lead.

Belgrave Road – ECHOGLASS concludes this stunning effort with a cinematic jewel and sonic visual about an uncompromising love. The song’s intense vibe is quite striking and puts the listener on an open road of broken hearts. Belgrave Road not only adds to the depth and continuity of Stories from the North but is a good example of the band’s versatile modes of harmonic expression.

Stories from the North is an unequivocal masterpiece. This nostalgic work demonstrates ECHOGLASS’ passion for musical innovation, which is largely owed to the group’s attention to the finer details of sound and their brand; even the cover photo for Stories from the North was taken by the legendary photo artist Rob Brenner. The EP’s craftsmanship is a prime example of how good music can be when based on the realities of everyday life and its simplest movements. Stories from the North is a great musical work for this day and time.


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