The heart and soul of Ireland shine through the music of Dreams of Freedom. With a veteran musical core comprised of members Richard O’Brien (guitar, vocals), Kevin Goggin (bass, vocals), and Adrian McCarron (whistles), Dreams of Freedom are highly-praised for their industriousness in promoting Irish culture through song. As a ballad folk and rebel band, the group has cultivated a nostalgic sound that is true to Irish tradition and the distinct beauty of its music. Dreams of Freedom’s creative genius is uniquely captured in their latest album entitled Live From The Dingle Pub.

Dreams Of Freedom are keeping Irish Folk Music at the forefront of the menu.

Live From The Dingle Pub is an awesome LP comprised of nineteen songs that are handsomely produced. Listeners can enjoy a refreshing concert experience and get to witness the talented Dreams of Freedom create an epic and enthralling work.

The album opens with an invigorating track entitled City of Chicago, John Brosnans Reel (Live), which proves to be a perfect introduction to the brilliance of Dreams of Freedom’s signature sound. The song is an excellent example of the group’s ravishing acoustic instrumentation and synergy. Richie and Aidan McAnespie are responsible for the tune’s spectacular vocal performance in the song. The track also sets the tone for much of the music that is to follow in songs like Lough Shores of Carlingford Bay (Live), which enchants its audience by the skilled use of bright chords and clever harmonization.

The dexterity and depth of Live From The Dingle Pub continue to dazzle fans as we encounter Aidan McAnespie (Live), which illustrates much of Dreams of Freedom’s versatility. The song begins with a different landscape than the previous tracks and features more of a downbeat tempo that is accompanied by an alluring bassline. We find similar attributes in The Ferryman (Live), where we get to hear stirring vocals by bass player and singer Kevin Goggin.

As we draw to the latter half of Live From The Dingle Pub, the continuity of the album still continues to blossom. Meet Me at the Pillar (Live) is an endearing track where we find Adrian McCarron making handsome use of the whistle as one of its leading instruments via soulful exotica.  Dreams of Freedom conclude this amazing work with a joyful song titled The Merry Ploughboy (Live). This upbeat sonic gem turns out to be a perfect closing for a legendary album, and as always leaves us in the hopes of inspiration by remembering Ireland.

Live From The Dingle Pub by Dreams of Freedom is a masterpiece and festive way to honor the traditions of Ireland. The album is a fabulous testimony of Dreams of Freedom’s artistic capability and sets a precedent for Irish folk music. Live From The Dingle Pub is not only entertaining but a model that should be studied by academic institutions for its structure in song and demonstration of the cultural effects that music has upon the masses.

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