Katy Vernon’s passion and artistic industriousness have established her as one of Minnesota’s busiest musicians. Interestingly, this folk music diva was born and raised in London, UK. Vernon is very active in the music world. She performs in more than 50 shows a year and puts on an annual Uke Fest benefit to raise funds for charity. Vernon’s new album titled Suit of Hearts is an emotionally-charged musical journey with a refreshing sound.

Suit of Hearts consists of twelve tracks. Coupled by the musical craftiness of her band, Vernon has put together a very soulful work. Tracks, like Listen and Look To The Sea, are great examples of Vernon’s creative range and inventiveness. Vernon’s voice has an enchanting flare that is sure to capture audiences. Suit of Hearts excels as an album for its innovative qualities musically and profound lyrical content. For more info on Katy Vernon and her new album Suit of Hearts, please visit her website at http://katyvernon.com 


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