Luanne Hunt has certainly made a fabulous career from her raw talent and cherished gift of chorale. The country music legend’s musical expertise has certainly been noted. In 2016, Hunt was inducted into the Independent Superstars Country Music Hall of Fame. Not long ago, Hunt’s song Christmas Without You was named one of the Top 25 Christmas Songs of All-time by Sweden’s largest daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter.

Hunt’s recent offering is a seven-track EP entitled Backroads, Bottles & Blues. This is a glamorous body of work, captures Hunt’s versatility and heartfelt expression about life and its many dimensions. In many ways, Backroads, Bottles & Blues is a journey that embodies the glory of country music. Below is a deeper analysis of each recording appearing on the EP.

Backroads, Bottles & Blues Track-by-Track Review

1-The Rhythm – A very catchy tune with an attractive unorthodox melody that relies upon the structures of Americana and folk music. Hunt’s presence as a singer is warm and confident.

2-Truckstops & Honkytonks – Another rose in the desert where we get to hear Hunt’s voice at the core of this musical gem. Hunt possesses a unique outlook on music that encompasses the energy of the song itself and this is something that is truly beautiful.

3-Broken Branches – A soulful undertaking of song that greets you at the door of your subconscious mind. Broken Branches’ has a soft, yet organic fill of grassroots instrumentation like an open window on a sunny day.

4-Lightning In A Bottle – A tantalizing duet with Steven Bankey is a moving rhythm, this track is an epic tale of the affairs of the heart. The tune’s passage of exchange in this duet adds a captivating spark to the EP’s continuity and depth.

5-Old Tobacco Road – This is truly one of Backroads, Bottles & Blues’ gems. The magical essence of Hunt’s voice is perfectly captured by an equally graceful measure. Old Tobacco Road transcends the boundaries of the genre in its timelessness.

6-Whiskey Wisdom – A heartwarming song about the perils of alcohol addiction. Hunt paints a wonderful visual of a man in love with his bottle through a superb performance in song.

7-Love Led Us Here – Hunt concludes this fabulous effort with a country pop duet that is memorable and entertaining. Steven Bankey adds a great performance to an already bright tune. Upon listening to Love Led Us Here, we get to see some of the conceptual themes of Backroads, Bottles & Blues and the culmination of life’s struggles with love.

Backroads, Bottles & Blues by Luanne Hunt is a masterpiece! Hunt is able to present a universal message about the challenges that all of us face in life through the veil of country western music. Her voice and heartfelt expression of song is filled with a heavenly charm that continues to impress us and as it will for generations ahead. More information about Luanne Hunt and her music can be found on her website

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