The multi-talented Samuel Yuri is truly an ingenious composer and musician for this post-modern age. I had the blessed opportunity of reviewing his music on several occasions during the past year (See my reviews for Contemplation Theme I and Versions of The Sun). Yuri has a very distinct style that is timeless in its presentation, as shown from his single Storm.

As a single off the album Epic Scales, Storm presents a brighter edge to Yuri’s illustrious rock music methodology. Storm is an eloquently rugged fusion of metal and progressive rock music styles. Yuri is able to create a dimension that is founded upon paved roads of fiery melody and brilliant mental skies. Yet, we find Storm’s organic flavor is well-nourished in the soulful images of an overcrowded venue, filled with eager musicians striving to let their hearts and souls be heard through the hypnotic lust of music. This is the Storm that Samuel Yuri has created.

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