A day with Jennifer Lopez is inspirational.

And they will always be upset because they are not at peace with their own blackness

Now you mad at J-Lo for singing in the Motown tribute during the Grammys

Front row hecklers remind me of coons singing mamie.

Then you get mad when they say ‘I’m not black, I’m Puerto Rican.’

So then what is it that you are really mad at?

More than likely it’s jealousy because you’ve finally met a Boriqua that got back!

And since this time you’ve been trying to find the “great black hope”

A women who can fit the African-American stereotype posterior-wise

I mean are we talking about Pinky versus Alexis Texas?

Or have we forgotten that the best way to pay respects to Motown

Is by illustrating the far-reaching effects that their music had on all cultures?

A day with Jennifer Lopez is so inspirational.

Too segregated to create anything but segregation

I guess you forgot about Tito Puente spending nights at Duke Ellington’s house

Your blackness is not the pride of Motown

And if I had to examine where you are going with this

Then let’s just say that in your own eyes

It was wrong for Aretha Franklin to sing at the tribute to John Lennon

It was wrong for Eric Clapton to praise Jimi Hendrix with a guitar solo

Your perm tells us everything about you

And while I won’t use the “b-word” this time

I will pull Michele Obama’s tampon out your mouth with a simple haiku

The middle finger is up

Keep Jennifer Lopez out of your acts of self-hate.

  • – Warlock Asylum (2019)

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