Based out of Atlanta, lyricist extraordinaire Derrick M. Taylor aka Official is en route to becoming a household name. Official’s passion for music dates back to his early childhood when he penned his first lyric at six years of age. Since this time the verbal assassin has won numerous rap competitions. Official’s cadence and free-flowing ability in rhyme is a testimony of his star power. Watch Official shine on his new single titled All Night.

All Night is set for release on February 15th, 2019. Official has created an impressive offering that is sure to increase his following. All Night sets up a podium for Official to do what he does best by spitting inspirational hood bravado unlike any other. All Night is a true work of genius. The track has a lot of drive and bounce, but also a bit of sparseness that is a perfect compliment to Official’s unique style. If you are looking for the new next best thing in rap music, then All Night by Official is where the rewind-button addiction begins!

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