The enthralling sounds of guitarist, singer and songwriter Solomon King come to life in a new album titled No.5. This gifted offering credited to Solomon King & The Chosen consists of ten flavored tracks that encompass a well-blended fusion of blues, folk, rock, and r&b musical genres.

The album opens with Drinking This Whiskey, which turns out to be a bold beginning that is layered with tropical percussive sounds and flaring guitars that aid in accentuating the song’s theme of enjoying a thirsty pleasure. This is quite a stunning tune that certainly builds a desire to hear more.

No. 5 reveals Solomon King & The Chosen’s greatest strength, which happens to be their musicality. The group provides the listener with an organic terrain that eloquently evolves into the perfect platform for Solomon King’s vocal expertise as demonstrated on songs like Xenia’s Blues and Queen of Diamonds. No. 5 by Solomon King & The Chosen is an exceptional album that will have you revisiting its boundaries again and again.