Chords of Truth (musical act)

Pattern by Chords of Truth

Jason Garriotte’s passion for the musical arts is both unprecedented and a source for inspiration. As a career musician, Garriotte has produced some phenomenal work under the banner and pseudonym Chords of Truth. After taking a brief hiatus from performing and recording music, Chords of Truth returns with a new single entitled Pattern.

Set for release on February 22nd, 2019, Pattern has an amazing backstory and was recorded during Chords of Truth’s stay in Southern California. Pattern is also the theme song for Chords of Truth’s web series and podcast called “MindStretch with Fletch”.

Pattern is a fabulous folk song filled with cerebral lyricism and a crafty groove. In a manner similar to such music legends like Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, and others, Chords of Truth uses his musical genius to spread messages of inspiration. Pattern expresses the theme of humanity and their ability to assimilate the changes that we go through distinct patterns in order to make us feel safe. Pattern‘s structure and organic melody make Chords of Truth’s newest offering music for the heart to cherish.

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