The multi-talented Mike Lucas is a fine example of the benefits that perseverance and ambition bring for those faithful to their life’s calling. The talented singer and songwriter had his own fair share of challenges to face while being en route to becoming a symbol of success. Mike grew up as an interracial child in a single parented household. Yet, he was still able to maintain high grades and the status quo of a star athlete in both football and basketball.

After graduating high school, Mike would later join an R&B group named LnS, but tragedy struck when his partner was involved in a fatal car accident. Despite the intense pained he suffered, Mike maintained his resolve and would later open up for Juelz Santanna at the Whiskey North in Tampa, Florida, performed for the CMA’s (Carolina Music Awards) in 2017. He also hosted and performed at venues in Florida, New York City, and other venues along the East Coast. Mike has exhibited a rare artistic strength in the wake of life. I am very proud to know that we are a part of the same family tree.

Mike is committed to creating the best sound in R&B and soul music. His recent single Shine 4U is a perfect testimony of Mike’s sonic genius. Shine 4U is a flirtatious R&B groove, wherein Mike offers a signature style of traditional song and real-to-life lyricism. Mike is able to make a heartfelt connection with listeners by just relating his day-to-day concerns in a harmonic way. The music is equally impressive and geared towards bounce mode. The beat is enchanting and provides the right soundscape for Mike Lucas to float on.

Shine 4U is a single from the masterful Mansions and Bugattis album. Mike has an original presentation that is cinematic in the visuals he is able to create from sincere chorale. Music is the breakfast for champions in Mike’s world, as the soon to be king of R&B is doing it like no other.



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