Heralded as one of the most promising musicians and songwriters of our present era, Rhett Repko continues to expand upon his ingenious catalog of music with the release of a new EP entitled Songs of the Night. Led by vocalist extraordinaire Rhett Repko, the band also features the expertise of Stefan Heuer (lead guitar, backup vocals), and Andy Reed (drums). In recent years, Rhett Repko has received numerous accolades including the Warlock Asylum International News 2018 Songwriter of the Year Award.

Released on February 5th, 2019, Songs of the Night is comprised of five soulfully endearing tracks. The album just broke into the NACC Top 200 this week at #152! Songs of the Night definitely represents an innovative, yet transitional stage in Rhett Rhepko’s songwriting career. The opening track A Broken Song is a beautifully composed heartbreaker. We also get to see a different side of Rhett Repko’s musical expression as he cynically embraces his dark side.

Songs of the Night, as its title implies, explores a tantalizing blend of grassroots sound with warm digital counterparts. Songs like Out Of My Head and the clever More Than Friends effectively demonstrate Repko’s new approach to production. The EP concludes with the epic The Way I Need You, a tune with an unorthodox structure and strong measure of enchantment. Songs of the Night is a timeless masterpiece! Rhett Repko continues his ascent and demonstration of the extent to which music can make us feel.

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