Based out of Willingboro, New Jersey, producer, and rap artist J-Carter is one of the few personas that is working to keep hip-hop’s traditional values alive. His passion for rap music is unprecedented. After the success of both Time To Shine and I’m Still Here in 2018, J-Carter is gearing up to release his new album entitled Take Hip-Hop Back on April 19th, 2019.

Take Hip-Hop Back is not only a monumental album in terms of J-Carter’s growth as an artist, but the project is also a major effort by the endearing wordsmith that contains approximately thirty-eight tracks. Each track is like a portal to another realm of existence, yet remains as one of life’s possibilities. Since the nostalgia behind the J-Carter Movement dictates that every recording he has released is a collectible, I’ve decided to list some of the main features that many of the tracks are best categorized in order to get a clear overview of the album.

1-Theme: Take Hip-Hop Back is about making a world where rap music can be all that it can be. J-Carter brilliantly embodies this topic throughout the entire album. However, we find this topic covered in a more specific manner on the opening track Ain’t Trap Enough. J-Carter switches his flow in an impressive manner, one that is fit for his critique of the industry. The beat is very hazy but is definitely rugged.

One another track titled Anybody Want It, we are reminded of the original showmanship that was essential to rap music’s early stages. Anybody Want It provides J-Carter with an opportunity to prove his thirst and passion for the lost art of emceeing behind the groove’s transcendent production. The title track Take Hip-Hop Back is a full tank of bold lyricism, which stands as J-Carter’s way of letting you know that rap is back.

2-Flow: Take Hip-Hop Back also represents J-Carter’s reinvention or his manifestation of unseen talent. Fans of J-Carter will immediately notice an innovation in his vocal delivery than on earlier works. It’s all good! Spit Fire is one tune on the album that demonstrates just a small dose of what J-Carter can do behind the mic. The track features J-Cater in back and forth rendezvous with an equally skilled female emcee. This combination punch turns out to be a delightful presentation of everything that rap music should be

One of the cleverest offerings presented on the album is a track entitled I’m On That. The song is a lyrical gem! J-Carter shifts his cadence once again to talk about the challenge of keeping God in your life while living in an ungodly world. I’m On That is brilliantly executed and should be noted for its fierce production.

Still A Killa is fire! J-Carter is able to engage the mortal mind with an incredible set of mind-blowing bars. Still A Killa is vocally funky as J-Carter’s lyrics move in waves like a piano over this choice beat.

3-Production: J-Carter has always had good production on his side. However, we find that on Take Hip Hop Back, much of the music possesses a certain timelessness that keeps the final product ever-present.

Hoping For Better Dayz is a soulful classic that makes use of a familiar song structure for new aims. Love Me Or Hate Me is another jewel that will surely keep listeners in love with this J-Carter movie. The track is an equitable blend of soul and r&b elements that form sort of an upbeat quiet storm if you will.

One track that explodes as a real winner for both its message and production is The Society’s Dying. This song contains an intriguing use of sparse atmospheric measurements that should not be overlooked. The organic nature of the track’s instrumentation with its piano lead and large drums is rhythmically cerebral.

Summary: Take Hip-Hop Back by J-Carter should be the soundtrack for 2019 and years to come. This is a certifiable masterpiece and embodies everything from an emcee living in the post-modern era. There is so much to explore in this melodic undertaking that it is probably best to keep the music flowing. 

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