Straight from Coralville, Iowa, OfficialVybe is that lyrical giant whose passion for verse and music is unprecedented. This is one rap artist that had a fair share of challenges to overcome in order to make the release of his electrifying album a product that music lovers are bound to savor. Back in 2017, OfficialVybe survived a 47-day coma after open-heart surgery. The reality of life and death brought on a deeper determination to fulfill his mission within the art world. As hip-hop’s illustrious Renaissance man strives with renewed vigor, OfficialVybe releases some of his best work with the new album entitled Anubis.

Released on March 4th, 2019, Anubis is a fiery album that totes some great production. OfficialVybe not only demonstrates his lyrical expertise but brandishes an array of flows to captivate his audience in a lyrical rendezvous of bars that create melodic cages. What I enjoy the most about OfficialVybe’s work is his crafty originality. OfficialVybe is a superb rap artist, who is able to successfully illustrate realism just outside our windowpane.

Anubis is a 13-track treasure chest that will keep you contextually hypnotized by its hood sophistication. The album opens with a verse-intoxicating track titled Ima Die A Star. This is a perfect intro to a body of work that lavishly reveals OfficialVybe’s inventive, yet surgical flow. Other extravagant delights include the club banga with a monstrous beat called All The Sauce Dripping and the blunt realities brought to light in the song No Conversation. The great thing about this album is that there aren’t any pick-and-choose tracks. Anubis is an album that grabs you by the ear and acts as a mirror of everyday struggle, pain, and joy. OfficialVybe not only hits the nail on the head but has created a new avenue of inspiration in a genre that has helped so many of us survive.

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