Based out of Canada, Jugular is one of heavy metal’s fiercest groups to ever hit the music scene. This stirring ironclad quartet is comprised of band members Jordan Grimbly (guitars, vocals), James Stewart (guitars), Ben Fuchs (bass guitar), and Bren Pearce (drums),. Jugular’s work ethic and inventiveness have led to the creation of some incredible music. The group’s new album entitled As Birth Becomes Life Becomes Death was released at the close of 2018 and carries the essence of Jugular’s talent well into 2019.

Track-by-Track Album Review

As Birth Becomes Life Becomes Death is an independent release that is available on all digital platforms. The album follows a tastefully dramatic theme that analyzes the meaning of our existence. Yes, Jugular proves the depth of heavy metal as a genre and its artistic value. As Birth Becomes Life Becomes Death is an intelligible and charmingly rugged ride from start to finish.

1-Revolution Around The Sun: A brilliant way to open up a phenomenal album, the track touches upon a practical view of life, its meaning, and our place in it. The instrumentation and superior drumming are quite impressive. Jugular does an excellent job in brandishing their exemplary genius on the first track and letting listeners know what’s at stake, literally!

2-Angel of Darkness: One of my favorite tracks on this album as it seems to draw from elements of psychedelic garage, progressive rock, and 70’s rock. The tune carries a great melody that both metal and non-metalheads alike will find fascinating. The electric guitar crafted melody shines a hazy timelessness that combines perfectly with this marriage rite of dark reverence and romanticism. Make no mistake about it, Angel of Darkness is a tranquil breeding ground for rewind button addiction.

3-And Into Dust: Another enjoyable feature of the As Birth Becomes Life Becomes Death is the superb lyricism. This is heavy metal at its finest and Jugular is able to express the same rage that is often associated with metal in a more practical context, one that really spearheads into the hearts of the group’s audience. And Into Dust is a prime example of the Jugular’s talent in this regard. The song explores the subject of our own divinity and how we are truly a product of the universe in a clever and witty way. It’s a sonic landscape led by a tantalizing guitar lead that turns out to be the best way to travel to other worlds.

4-There’s a Body for the Soul (Unshackled Me): Throughout this album, we have been spoiled by the delicacies of some awesome drumming and sinful rhythms. In this particular selection, however, we really get to hear the transcendent dialogue of electric guitar and the heavenly wishes of fantastic heavy metal fulfilled. What?!! Are you kidding me?!! There’s a Body for the Soul is like heavy metal’s greeting card! Definitely, material that made for a single!

5-The Passenger: Listening to this track, I imagine myself driving along a dusty highway and my friends in the backseat comment about how good this album is just as The Passenger begins to play. Enough said!

6-Dying To Be Alive: As the concluding track on the album, Jugular takes it upon themselves to give us more than what we anticipated with this post-life classic. Dying To Be Alive is not only a perfect summation of a masterful album but is effective in giving us something to think about with a metal orchestra to match.

Jugular has really outdone themselves with this soul-searching offering that stands alone as a rare jewel in the heavy metal genre. As Birth Becomes Life Becomes Death is layered with musical genius, stupendous post-production, great mixing, lyrical symbolism, and all the other beautiful things that make an album a masterpiece. However, like their performance on the album, Jugular takes things one step further in the history of heavy metal music by creating a concept that elevates the entire genre. Bravo!!

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