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Truth Syrum (Feat. Wo-Billz) by Nikia

The beautiful and multi-talented Nikia blesses us with a dose of reality in her new single entitled Truth Syrum. The New York-born and California-raised R&B/Pop singer has cultivated her musical craft since early adolescence. Nikia’s signature style of chorale embodies a soulful and spirited vocal stature that is like no other. The songstress has built a devoted following after have released an impressive catalog of music that includes three albums, two EPs, and several singles. Truth Syrum is one track that perfectly demonstrates Nikia’s growth and invigorating creativity.

Truth Syrum is an entertaining spin on the subject of infidelity and romance. Nikia uses this graceful R&B groove to paint a picture and perspective of a woman involved with a cheating man. Truth Syrum lives up to its title with a charmingly blunt approach and a fabulous guest appearance from rap artist Wo-Billz, whose profound bars perfectly compliments Nikia’s vocal performance. Musically, the track’s intoxicating beat and the distinct bassline is quite seductive and give listeners a nice medium to focus on the song’s message. Overall, Truth Syrum by Nikia is one jewel that is worth its weight music.

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