Based out of Stamford, Connecticut, multi-talented emcee Jahan Nostra is truly a living phenomenon of word and rhyme. Jahan’s love for music is best summed up as a lifelong affair. At the age of 13, he was signed to the label, BMX Entertainment in Brooklyn. Since this time, Jahan has worked with numerous hip-hop legends including Hakim Green (of Channel Live) and Smif-N-Wessun. As a golden child of rap music’s classic era, Jahan Nostra infuses his work with the ambition that made him, as seen in the track El Chapo.

Produced by the crafty Maulskull, El Chapo is a song off of Jahan Nostra’s ESP album that also features the verbal expertise of Ceschi. Musically, El Chapo is a heaven-bed of soulful melody that immediately pulls you into its sonic landscape with a chunky beat and equally warm organic bassline. Elements of keyboard and synth give El Chapo an epic sound that proves to be the perfect podium for Jahan and Ceschi to mix up bars for an empowering message.

Jahan doesn’t hesitate to leave footprints from a fierce verse that revolves around social injustices faced by our present generation on this incredible offering. In one verse, we hear Jahan rap that “prisons of today be the modern-day zoo”. Ceschi brings energy and wordplay that not only smacks this track out the park but also unveils how the two emcees vibe off of each other in the creation of this masterpiece.

Filmed and edited by Henry Gelperin, El Chapo comes with a music video that provides a scenic visual for the song’s intense energy.  The video takes aim at the controversial topic of President Trump’s proposal to build a wall and border issues. Its great seeing Jahan and Ceschi get down for freedom behind a scenario that we all have in mind. El Chapo is one rap song that is a lesson learned, over and over again.

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