The entertainingly inventive and invigorating sounds of the alternative rock trio Nihil Admirari has certainly found a place in the hearts of music lovers who take delight in progressive grooves and avant-garde themed rhythms. Comprised of members Noshi Curry (vocals), Vabo Irishio (guitars, backing vocals), and Mike Villarica (drums), New York’s very own Nihil Admirari is a culturally diverse group of talented musicians that are not limited to, but often explore the sonic regions of hard rock, metal, punk, and more importantly the road where the vibe leads.

Nihil Admirari continues to build their catalog of music that infuses a wide range of elements into song, meaning lyrical content based on anything from graphic novels to self-reflection. After the release of the cutting-edge “New – EP” and “Not Enough” (Single), Nihil Admirari unveil a new EP titled Water: Ballade.

Different from their prior works, which were fashioned after rock music’s more illicit and raw pulse, Nihil Admirari focuses on their ballad writing in their new EP Water: Ballade. This emotionally charged symphonious endeavor has quite an eclectic origin, as it was recorded in a church and engineered and produced by everybody in the band. Water: Ballade is centered on the theme of “water” and “home,” a topic that is wonderfully exemplified in the EP’s cover. Designed by Naoya Esa, Water: Ballade‘s cover photo illustrates the interior of a boat and the three destinations represented by each track.

Water: Ballade Track-by-Track Review

1-Ocean: Water is always at the beginning of life. This is a very beautiful song. Ocean is appropriately a pianist track as pianos correspond to water in alchemy. Musically, Ocean reaches out and touches the listener with its invigorating measures and all-encompassing prose. The melody seems to simulate the moving waves of water that touch our souls upon the edges of the world. The vocals on this track are equally exhilarating and seem to revolve around the topics of self-discovery and our place in the world. Ocean is truly an impressive demonstration of Nihil Admirari and ends with a bravo.

2-Reverie: An alluring song that possesses a timeless haziness, which perfectly accommodates the track’s improv moments. Reverie is built around a cool melody and tasteful drumming with subtle electric guitar lead in the backdrop. The lyrics are very poetic and add a great deal to Reverie’s attractiveness. Reverie expresses a warm sense of community from its “live in the audience” feel we get as listeners.

3-Mangroves: Reverie leads into the track Mangroves like a concert performance. The track begins with some awesome percussion. The dialogue between electric guitar and drums is rhythmical and inventive. Mangroves has a free-flowing song structure, which does much for the song’s organic feel. Nihil Admirari works well in vocal collaboration of chorale led by their harmonies that rise up to the skies’ ceiling.

Water: Ballade is a wonderful creative effort. Not only have Nihil Admirari outdid themselves, but have equally touched upon spaces of melody that can be entertaining and studied by other musicians and the world of academia as a progressive work of art. What more can be said?

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