Flyer takes rap fans on a cinematic journey with his new mixtape entitled Alchemy. Comprised of nine tracks, Alchemy contains a nice portfolio of beats that prove to be a perfect musical landscape for Flyer’s unorthodox style of lyricism. The mixtape opens with the track  goodDay. Produced by TKay, goodDay proves to be a sonic eye-opener and an excellent way to begin this electrifying musical journey. goodDay starts off with a cool keyboard-stringed melody.  Flyer adds to the track’s distinctive quality with his highly-energetic bars and vocal tone. goodDay exemplifies the theme of a real dude making moves through the world while trying score with a “good girl” type of lady.

Flyer maintains his intensity throughout the Alchemy mixtape. Tracks like Now I Know Evil demonstrate the depth behind the mixtape’s hooks and lyrical content we hear throughout Flyer’s latest offering. On Now I Know Evil, Flyer drops some sincere verses about the grind of getting money and a man staying motivated in maintaining all that he has achieved materially. Flyer concludes Alchemy with the song Dependable. What I appreciate the most about Flyer’s work is how he is able to fuse his presence into each and every track. Flyer brings his audience with him from the pictures his words paint. On the track Dependable, Flyer pulls us into the song’s scheme with a catchy rap-sung hook and a change in flow that allows him to ride well with the beat. This is one trap soundtrack that is perfectly hood-attuned and enjoyable. Alchemy by Flyer is a real portrait of the life of its creator and for that we are grateful.

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