As an avant-garde mistress of exotic music, composer, DJ, singer, and songwriter, Sienna is an unfolding lotus of creativity. This missionary of musical fusion is originally from Kyoto and presently living in Norway. Sienna’s rich cultural and melodic tastes have been a huge aid in the development of her own genius.  She has performed all across Asia and Europe. Sienna’s resourcefulness as a producer rides along the innovative path where she blends an original recipe of electronica with traditional Japanese music as evident in her latest release What Matters.

What Matters is a soulful offering that captures our attention with an attractive groove and organic vibe. The track opens with a brief acapella vocal from Sienna. Shortly after, a chunky drum pattern begins, which is handsomely enriched by the bassline. The drum pattern is composed of elements found in trip-hop, due to its vibrant snare. Other layers of instrumentation, including the sounds of traditional Japanese harp, are enough to immerse Sienna’s audience into a journey leading within themselves and then out to other worlds. Sienna wonderfully orchestrates this delightful track into a soothing chime of contemplation and dance turning the question of What Matters into the only thing that makes sense. 

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