Based out of Little Rock, Arkansas, veteran musician, and professional drummer George Mitchell is on the brink of releasing his debut single titled Obrigado on April 19th, 2019. Mitchell has an exceptional passion for music and has toured the world with his instrument of choice, namely, the drums.

Mitchell’s debut single, Obrigado, also features the creative wits of Henri Don Jeany and Sam Carroll. The track has a funky vibe emerging from its prolific melody. Obrigado begins with a keyboard measure followed by an enchanting guitar riff amid the tune’s overtones of jazz and soul. In certain sections of the track, we find the bass in conversation with the keys and in later sections the guitar. Every instrument’s voice is sharply expressed. George Mitchell does an excellent job in hosting this exotic dialogue of rhythm with a superb drumming performance. Obrigado is a perfect debut and testimony of George Mitchell’s love for the art.

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