Enchanting singer and songwriter, Tennin graces the world stage of music with her new single, Elusive. Originally from France, the avant-garde seductress is carving her own genre of rhythm and musical prose with a style that passionately screams out originality! Many of our regular subscribers may remember my review of Run, Tennin’s debut single from her upcoming EP. Her latest single, Elusive, is sure to grab the ears of people who appreciate good music.

Elusive is a mysterious track that begins with a hypnotic beat and experimental, yet soulful overtones. Tennin delivers a tremendous vocal performance that is warm and inviting. The songstress has a large vocal range that charmingly sparks the interest of the listener for the love of this exotic offering. Elusive’s slightly dark atmospheric backdrop is a tasteful of expression melody that beautifully drapes the body of this song like a black negligee. Elusive is a brilliant tune that serves as a bridge between the mind of Tennin and her appreciative audience.

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