Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, actor and entrepreneur Victor Brunson aka Crown Vic D4L has a knack for being able to achieve his aims through sheer ambition and an intelligible work ethic. Vic went from working for one of the nation’s premier home service entertainment companies to opening up his own transportation company named Vic’s All Purpose.

After establishing his transportation company, Vic set his focus on establishing a career as an actor. Amazingly, Vic was able to land several non-speaking roles and features in a few prominent productions created by Tyler Perry. He has also appeared in several music videos with artists like DC Young Fly, Shawty Lo, among others.

Vic’s latest endeavor comes in the form of his own reality television show called Riding Private With Vic. The show reveals a realistic view of Vic’s interactions with real customers engaging in real conversations. Based on Crown Vic’s track record we can on expect Riding Private With Vic to be exceptionally entertaining and a winner.




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