Based out of Sterling, Virginia, the multi-talented and spirited husband and wife musical conglomerate known as Woven Green has put together a beautiful catalog of soul-quenching melodies. Group members Jim and Ashley Cash are both multi-instrumentalists. The award-winning singer and songwriting team have an eclectic sound, often incorporating elements from folk, new age, pop, rock, and world music genres into their organic schematic of vibrant chorale. Woven Green’s single Breaking Free is a perfect example of the duo’s creative expertise.

Breaking Free is a single from the Woven Green album titled Into Bloom. The track is a delightful folk-rock groove with bright instrumentation. Listeners will find the sonic dialogue between the electric and acoustic guitar equally enchanting. Ashley Cash has a very distinct and melodious voice. Her performance on Breaking Free is nothing less than superb. Woven Green’s timely message about pulling away from a situation that is no longer useful and draining is revitalizing. The spiritual overtones set out in the chorus and cries of praise to the “great spirit” work well with the music’s fluid nature. For lovers of nature and good music, Breaking Free by Woven Green is a perfect way to keep everything together.

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  1. Beautiful review. Breaking Free is what I want to hear, I love all of their songs from the album, “Lift it Up”!! The power of music to capture and revitalize focus!

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