Based out of Melbourne, Australia, the highly energetic rock band Shotgun Mistress has released their debut single titled No Friend of Mine. As the long-awaited ambassadors of rock music’s return, Shotgun Mistress is composed of Glenn Patrick (vocals), Matt Wilcock (guitars), David Lee Daniel (drums), and Ben Benny Curnow (bass). The band formed in 2018 as the result of the efforts put forth by guitarist and musical veteran Matt Wilcock. Shotgun Mistress is already receiving accolades for their creative guise and intense sound as can be seen in their debut single No Friend of Mine.

No Friend of Mine turns the post-modern era upside down by giving listeners a taste of hard rock nostalgia with innovative rhythms and timely themes. The song opens with the blazing flare of a rigorous guitar-embedded groove. Coupled by a captivating display of skill from drummer David Lee and Ben’s guiding bassline, the stage is set for a spectacular vocal performance by Glenn Patrick. Glenn has a natural hard tone that is a bit more poised than the traditional “screamer,” which gives listeners a sense of sincerity in his words. Overall, No Friend of Mine is an ingenious all-in-together effort that is quite epic. Shotgun Mistress has opened up Pandora’s box for the enjoyment of purists of the genre and music lovers worldwide.

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