Jason Penna is a man of many talents. However, it is his passion and love for music that gives the Australian singer and songwriter his captivating persona as an artist. Penna has crafted a progressive rock sound that is filled with enchanting and heartfelt lyricism. Penna’s musical ambitions have resulted in the release of ten vibrant songs with another ten on the way.

Penna’s music gives us the space to be ourselves and also a sonic lens that works as an aid in seeing behind the veil of life’s joys and complexities. Penna’s genius certainly comes to the fore in his single Burn This Crossroad Down.  The track has an animated rhythm that keeps the listener on a journey with the open road. Great music for driving and the electric guitar riffs are quite invigorating. Penna’s sincere expressions about love are felt on Do You Wanna Grow. The song is a nice relationship charmer but also proves to be a testimony of the intensity that Penna is able to invoke as a singer.

Where Are The Angels Tonight possesses a strong sense of nostalgia and spawns a great song structure. The track has a fierce bassline and brandishes a bluesy rhythmic guitar lead. Where Are The Angels Tonight has a very cerebral theme that centers on finding peace in the world and building up inspiration to be all that we can become. Subjects of this nature are often triggered by tragedy and this is revealed in April Swell. The tune is about the tragic passing of a father and daughter out at sea. Musically, April Swell is a potent offering from Penna as he fully embraces his audience with a plea of comfort. The track is an awesome downbeat gem that is led by a crafty acoustic guitar lead with a stirring vocal performance by Penna. Another tragic theme covered by Penna can be found in the song Long Hard Road that is about a family of eleven that died in a house fire.

Jason Penna puts his blood, sweat, and tears into every song he writes. One track by Penna that I find truly exceptional is Born To Write. The track has a dreamy musical landscape that serves as the perfect platform for Penna’s vocals in the song. The track’s crisp and bright groove is a winner. Overall, Jason Penna has a sound that can be appreciated by people from different walks of life who are experiencing the same human condition.

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