Brady Novotny’s passion for music and the guitar date back to his early childhood. He started playing guitar at the age of ten. Since this time, Novotny’s lifelong affair with his favorite instrument has had its own share of challenges. However, Novotny’s desire to become a world-class guitarist would turn out to be the catalyst behind his thriving career. Novotny’s debut album titled Passions Collide is a true work of genius!

Passions Collide is a tremendous testimony of Brady Novotny’s evolution as a guitarist and composer. This epic album consists of ten instrumental tracks. Novotny’s musical expertise gives his guitar a voice among others. Tracks like Cara Bella and The Journey Home reveal much about Novotny’s musical range. Although Passions Collide is classified under the genre of easy listening, its compositions follow classical music format. This exceptional work crosses the boundaries of many genres and speaks in a sonic language that everyone can understand. Brady Novotny’s initial effort is a true masterpiece!

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