As a true Renaissance man of modern music, composer, producer, and songwriter Blue Soul Ten has procured an incredible catalog of music. The industrious maestro of sound is often noted for incorporating elements of funk, jazz, r&b, soul, and on occasion hip-hop, into the same track for an eclectic fusion of indescribable heights. I had the honoring of learning more about Blue Soul Ten and his inspiring work during my review of the album Ten Percent. Blue Soul Ten puts his blood, sweat, and tears into everything he does only to reap the rewards of enduring music of the highest quality.

Blue Soul Ten returns with a new album titled Songs About You, which is set for release on September 4th, 2020, and will be available on all digital platforms. The project broadcasts a very heavenly musical topography with equal magnetism of robust swing. Songs About You is comprised of ten vibrant tracks that introduce the listener to a sonic dimension of perfection that is relatable to everyday life. Songs About You also embodies an evolution in Blue Soul Ten’s sound and creative range.


Track-by-Track Review of Songs About You


1-Blue Soul: It doesn’t get much better than this album-opening groove. An exotic drum kit with an awesome rimshot is a surefire way to grab the listener’s attention. This rhythm is further enhanced by its tropical bassline that rides the wave of the beat with a distinct resonance. Blue Soul Ten’s flare for depth is unveiled throughout this composition’s potent disposition. Effects of crowd sounds and an intriguing flute in dialog with background horns make us aware that this album is going to be a true something to remember.

2-Everything (feat. Syauqi Destanika): Certainly, a musical gem that spells fun with a charming unorthodox bassline which is really sharp and soulfully transcendent. Hints of rhythm guitar are neatly crocheted into songstress Syauqi Destanika’s passionate vocal performance. Everything is everything for lovers of refined instrumentation and live music.

3-Dear You (feat. Surron the 7th): Blue Soul Ten is one of the few producers that can incorporate several genres into one album and it still comes out sounding whole. Dear You is a lavish rap track that incorporates a heavy amount of jazz and funk instrumentation into its landscape. It would be more appropriate to say that musically this is a blazing psychedelic-jazz groove that is blessed with bars from the hip-hop wordsmith Surron the 7th – amazing work!

4-The Moment (feat. Syauqi Destanika): Prepare for a banquet of sonic seduction as the musical spoiling begins with this hip item. The Moment will definitely put some pep in your step with a smooth vibe that features trumpet riffs on the hook with a taste of Rhodes piano and layered keyboard measures. Syauqi Destanika makes it happen once again with an invigorating offering that will have the listener feeling like they are walking on the clouds.

5-Cupid’s Bow (feat. Syauqi Destanika): What a fabulous song! Blue Soul Ten wonderfully puts together this cinematic masterpiece. Different than the preceding tracks, Cupid’s Bow follows a simple formula that is equally as rich but with fewer layers. Blue Soul Ten cleverly takes advantage of the “free space” offered by this composition to place focus Syauqi’s message about the challenges and beauty of love and the vocal range she pursues while embodying its topic

6- Healthy (feat. Syauqi Destanika and Rae Dot): A hazy track with a swelling guitar effect, which adds to the depth of the rhythm. Blue Soul Ten really sets his music apart from the rest based on his selection of instruments and how they are attuned. Healthy is a perfect example of this! Rae Dot puts some elegance on the title rapper with moving cadence that dances with Syauqi’s harmonies. Perfect.

7-Another Day (feat. Syauqi Destanika): Blue Soul Ten keeps the album’s continuity perfectly intriguing with another day. The song has a beautiful intro consisting of strings and electric guitar with a seamless Rhodes piano draped across the track’s terrain. Another Day blossoms into something exotic Towards the end of the track we hear bright strums of the harp that really takes things to another level.

8- First One (feat. Tyla Raé): A beautiful slow jam featuring the vocal expertise of singer Tyla Raé. Blue Soul Ten gifts his audience with another amazing tune that features a crafty organ along with rhythm guitar. The paradox behind First One is that it is such a beautiful song about heartbreak that we pray it’s not the last time we get to hear such a blissful collaboration.

9- On Me (feat. Dennis Lorenzo): This is a vibrant track where we get to hear a strong male lead vocally. Dennis Lorenzo has a unique vocal tome and great range as a singer, which all fits hand-in-glove with Blue Soul Ten’s production. On Me has a moving element of spirituality that bleeds through the song’s harmonic backdrop. On Me is another gold brick in the Songs About You process that is truly refreshing. Musically, the song reveals Blue Soul Ten’s love for the levels that keyboarding contributes to a song.

10- This Time (feat. Syauqi Destanika): Blue Soul Ten concludes Songs About You with the introspective musings of This Time. Amazingly, the track is like reading an open letter, which strongly epitomizes much of the album. This Time descends upon the listener with a crisp beat and a soulful overcast of acoustic guitar, keyboards, and organic bassline. The track culminates with electric guitar riffs and the sweet sounds of Syaugi’s sensational taste of choral.

Blue Soul Ten had produced yet another masterpiece with Songs About You. It is an incredible musical journey and open book that reminds us of how beautiful is if your just let it happen and move with its vibe. Songs About You not only creates the vibe but gives us an objective view of our very own inner voice and the value you of remembering the dialog we often have between ourselves within ourselves. Songs About You not only reminds us of how valuable music is in our lives but how priceless it is in the context of art. Bravo!

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