Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, the multi-talented singer, and songwriter Tony Levitas is a back on the music scene with a new single titled Never Could Be Wrong. The multi-instrumentalist has an enjoyable “dream-pop” sound and equally poetic prose and lyrics. Never Could Be Wrong is a tremendous testimony of Levitas’ musical genius.

Never Could Be Wrong is an upbeat and inspiring tune. Levitas has certainly put together an organic treat. Never Could Be Wrong possesses a brilliant musical schematic that opens up with a refreshing taste of synth and conga drums. The song soon transforms into a delectable melody filled with amazing acoustic guitar strums, electric guitar, bass, strings, and additional elements that brandish Levitas’ signature organic sound. Never Could Be Wrong ravishes in a hazy atmosphere, which is further enhanced by Levitas’ distinguished and mature vocal performance. Never Could Be Wrong celebrates the eternal newness of a working romance and within this theme is something for everybody.

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