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Talented Musical Artist And Entrepreneur Rafaela Hilda McEachin Sparks Up My Father’s House Records LLC

As a native of Brooklyn, New York, Rafaela Hilda McEachin is a multi-talented songstress, whose ambition has placed her on the road to success. Rafaela is well versed in her understanding of show business. She’s worked extensively on Broadway and set trends with her mindblowing performances. Rafaela worked with Alvin Alley Dance Theatre for ten years.

Rafaela was a singing major in high school. However, her perspective and pursuit of the arts would shift after receiving a discouraging offer from a producer. She would then follow the advice of her father to pursue a degree in business. After becoming one of the first women in New York to work with sanitation, Rafaela made enough money to open up a management company named “BBE Entertainment” (Barbour Entertainment). The business lasted from the late-80’s until the late-90’s and eventually closed due to a health setback. In 2010, however, Rafaela was blessed with the opportunity to open up her first record label named My Father’s House Records LLC.

Since starting her record label, Rafaela stays motivated by drawing off of influences like Diana Ross. From management, negotiating contracts, background singing to video shoots, Rafaela has worked stars like Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Changing Faces, 112, and M.O.P just to name a few. Rafaela is a perfect example of the success that a good work ethic and faith in a higher power can bring into one’s life. Her label is different from many as it is based on the time-honored principles of love and virtue. For more information about My Father’s House Records LLC, please contact Rafaela at: Twitter Facebook Linkedin