Earlier this year, I had the blessed opportunity of reviewing Call ‘Me Out  (feat. Eric Leroy Wilson) by Nine Beats Collective, an international collaboration of spiritual-minded artists, who use their talents to improve human society. The Nine Beats Collective’s altruistic approach to music is fully captured in their album titled Nine Beats to the Bar.

The Nine Beats Collective is a global tribe of spiritually minded artists

Nine Beats to the Bar is as real as it gets. Consisting of twenty-six tracks, the album presents a revelation of the human potential dwelling within us by first revealing where the world is at in relationship to these ideals as seen in its intro track, Awakening. What follows is a complete extravaganza of some of the best music in the world. Due to the diversity of the artists involved, listeners get more than an album. We gain entrance to a dimension that maximizes what the human race has to do with it.

The sincerity behind Nine Beats to the Bar can be seen not only in its artistic ideals and organizational concepts, but the quality of its music. This album hosts a wide array of different talents, anything from spoken word to heart-quaking ballads. Songs like Blessed Are the Undead demonstrate an otherworldly beauty of the afterlife captured in song.

The continuity of Nine Beats to the Bar is held together by musical interludes that offer some atmosphere between tracks while incorporating elements of the human experience. Child is a track that exemplifies this attribute very well. Song for the Earth and Towards the Sun are instrumental compositions that bestow even greater depth behind the album’s theme through use of stringed instruments. The final track Give in to the Love is a heavenly cherry on top of an amazing album.

Nine Beats to the Bar is a timeless classic that is held together by its organic sound and sincere team. This album proves that good music is not made by accident, but hard work and sincere effort. The Nine Beats Collective have created a symphonic lotus flower whose bloom has captured us all.


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