Born and bred in New York, the multi-talented producer, singer, and songwriter Matty Marz has dazzled the world once again with his new EP titled Love Fool. Marz has a lifelong affair with the musical arts, dabbling with forms and expressions like electronica and jazz since youth. Marz also has a background in theatre, which has proven to be a big aide in the development of his musical productions.

Love Fool is a great EP comprised of four soulful pop tunes. The music has an incredible organic sound with deep-seated rhythms that are sure to touch the listener’s soul. The EP opens up with its title track Love Fool, which is an inventive and vibrant fusion of pop/electronica that definitely takes precedent as an instant favorite. As the musical journey continues Marz gets into the depth of his psyche with revelations of love and temptation in songs like I Got A Crush On You and Pretty Boys. This epic collection concludes with the edgy track entitled Dirtbag which turns out to be a grand testimony in self-honesty. Overall, Love Fool by Matty Marz is a perfect melodic jewel for good times and periods of self-reflection.

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