First Lady of Hip Hop

Miranda Writes Leaves No Ashes Behind With Her New Single – “Rockstar”

The First Lady of Hip Hop continues her reign with lyricism set ablaze on her new song Rockstar. Miranda Writes has never put out a bad song as her music keeps evolving in a sky’s the limit fashion and Rockstar takes this legendary run to another level. Rockstar is not only one of Miranda Writes’ best songs to date but also represents her ability to rise to the occasion as a vocalist in rap-sung fashion while brandishing a crisp new flow and approach to music. In her own words, Miranda Writes describes this epic track as follows:

“It’s a reflection of a dreamer’s late-night thoughts about escaping to somewhere better. Somewhere where everyday life’s troubles are non-existent in a place that‘s fun and free. It’s a celebratory anthem where the listener can go wherever their heart desires.”

Rockstar possesses a grandiose groove that incorporates levels of EDM into its musical landscape. The track’s pulsating bassline keeps Miranda’s audience in head-nod mode. Miranda’s background harmonies and proverbial flow about fantasies of being a rockstar make this heavenly track shine in ways that devotees of rock, pop, and soul must stand alongside their hip-hop brethren in arms to salute the legacy of Miranda Writes. Rockstar bravo!



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