Doc Dalton is an artistic missionary of goodwill towards all and has dedicated much of his life’s work to spreading messages of faith and empowerment. As an electrifying author and poet, Dalton has used his expertise for healing and inspiration. Recently, I had the honor of talking with this legendary artist, who describes himself in the most practical terms. Enjoy!

Warlock Asylum: Before we begin, I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. This is certainly an honor and I am sure that your wisdom will benefit many of our readers. However, for those who are not familiar with your work, please introduce yourself. Who is Doc “Pop’s” Dalton?

Doc Dalton: Doc Dalton is a guy who was lost within his own world for a very long time. Never really understanding what was taking place. He was a guy who was involved in the field of pro-wrestling and walked away. He hosted a number of radio and cable shows and walked away. He always enjoyed what he was doing until his brain would click “for lack of better words” and make him shut down and stay away because he just couldn’t handle it any longer. And through it all, people would come to him and say I need your help, please can I talk to you, and this would take place daily and he would just close his eyes and ask why? Why would others want his help when he couldn’t help himself? His wife and daughter call him the mayor of lost souls. Some say that’s his calling.

Warlock Asylum: What was Doc Dalton’s childhood like?

Doc Dalton: Childhood was great. I was adopted by two wonderful people who at the time were old enough to be my grandparents. Loving and caring people and never a day went by that I didn’t feel loved or they didn’t tell me that they loved me. We didn’t have a lot, but I never wanted for anything. The house was always filled with love, kindness, and warmth and if I had to, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Warlock Asylum:  Depression disorder is one of the struggles that you had to deal with. How did you first become aware that you were suffering from this condition and how did your lifestyle change because of it?

Doc Dalton: When I was walking away from everything, I knew something was wrong but didn’t know exactly what was taken place. Life got so dark that I started stepping back from everyone and everything. I became suicidal and was hospitalized twice for this. It took a long time for me to understand what and why life was UN-balanced. It’s an everyday struggle, it’s an everyday war so to speak and when you get a day off from all the craziness, it’s an overwhelming relief.

What I also learned from my adoption in the last 20 years or so is that my biological mother had major depression, my biological sister had it and so did her children. It’s painful scary and dark in so many ways and should not be taken lightly. You are always aware and always concerned and always hoping nothing takes place.

Warlock Asylum: How did your work in activism begin?

Doc Dalton: I can only speak for myself about this. Being hospitalized you get to see an entirely different side of things. You think your world is falling apart but very quickly you come to realize that they’re others whose personal world is so far worst then yours. These poor people really need help and you quickly understand that. 

For me, I need to keep myself in what I call the God bubble and it sounds deeper than it is. What I mean by this is help and talk to whomever I can to help get them through their day in an easier way. Listen, listen and listen some more to those who are hurting. Pray for them and pray with them. Let them know someone does care. Because of this I became ordain and I am now a pastor with the International Christian Ministers Association. If you’re going to talk about it, by all means, better walk it. There are those who helped me and there are those who still help me like a special lady, Dr. Heather Bliss who truly guides me into thinking in a correct manner. You learn from others and take the knowledge and pass it along.

Warlock Asylum: You are also the founder of a literary genre known as “God poetry”. When did you begin writing poetry and what is the meaning of “God poetry”?

Doc Dalton: It started when I was in the hospital and a doctor suggested that I try my hand at poetry. Truthfully at the time, I thought he was crazier than I was. But I was locked up, couldn’t leave and said why not. Everything I wrote about had God in it in some way. I was shocked and did not understand where it was coming from, but it didn’t stop. There were serious poems, dark poems, and even funny poems but God, Heaven, Jesus, and Angels were in the poems. And even till today, it’s happening.

I do not consider myself as a great or even good writer because the truth is, I am not. What I do consider myself as is a man who struggles through his words so he could make it through his days. I have been lucky enough to have been published nationally so I can’t complain.

Warlock Asylum: Who are some of the poets that you enjoy reading and draw inspiration from?

Doc Dalton: It’s not only poets, but it is also more about words, example two poets that I really admire are, Irish poet, Pat Ingoldsby. Funny, serious and everything in between. Has a sense of humor that I enjoy. The other is Native American poet, Joy Harjo. She writes about life, pain, and struggles of not only the women’s movement but of the Native American movement. I recently watched an interview she did with Oprah and she left me wanting more, much more.

I also say words, music has great words and two that I really admire and have saved me countless nights over and over when I was walking the so-called floors of hell and 3 a.m. are Americana/ Roots artists Ray Wylie Hubbard and Darrel Scott. Those boys write some off the wall stuff that I love. Those two are my at-home midnight therapists and keep me thinking. They are the best by far and they have gotten me through some very tough times. I thank them countless times over.

Warlock Asylum: You were also the host for both “Outlaws 4 Christ Radio” and a children’s cable show, “Body-Slam On Drugs”. How did you enjoy the role of hosting and what did you learn from this experience?

Doc Dalton: Body-Slam on Drugs came first. I was involved in pro-wrestling and was also hosting a local cable show called, Wrestling Track U.S.A. A local police department saw it and contacted me about doing a show together, something that would be geared toward the youth to help educate them on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. At one point we even shot scenes in a maximum-security prison with the Emmy Award-winning group known as Scared Straight. The show aired for three years. It was a wonderful experience.

Outlaws 4 Christ Radio came next and was done with one of the police officers “Len Azzarone” from the first show. Again, a great experience and that show also aired for 3 years. I was very lucky; I made some great friends along the way.

Warlock Asylum: Congratulations on The Coffee and Prayer Series. Can you share a little bit more about the series with our readers?

Doc Dalton:  The Coffee and Prayer Series is a weekly show that has 3 segments along with a number of happenings in between.

Segment #1 deals with topics on life, love, kindness, appreciation, being a good friend and so much more. Segment # 2 is all about mental illness, what to do, how to do it and to notice the signs of it either for you personally or for someone else. Segment # 3 is all about Prayer and more Prayer. There will be those who write in or even send video clips of themselves sending a positive message.

I am doing the show with two great friends whom I have done projects with in the past and they are, director Patrick Mirucki and assistant director and photography, Joe LePera. The name is simple, I am a believer in prayer and at this stage in my life, coffee is my choice of drugs these days.

Warlock Asylum:  What can we expect to hear from Doc Dalton in the future? Do you have any new projects on the horizon?

Doc Dalton: I have 3 books coming out in the next 14 months and they are, “It’s a God Thing” – The Happiest Sad Guy in Town – That’s the Beauty of it All. I am also doing a project though I shouldn’t call it a project that reminds me of when I was a kid and the doctor would make house visits. I call this, The Prayer Doctor where I go to people’s homes and pray with them and for them. This is what I call a God Thing and there is never a cost for this.

And my last project is working with young people and teaching them a way to gain success online. If they are making a profit online in the right way, this might help to keep them off the streets earning a profit the illegal way. The most important thing is, you must try to make a difference and bring value within your own life. And this is along with The Coffee and Prayer Series.

Warlock Asylum: What message would you like to share with our readers that have helped you in life? Any final thoughts?

Doc Dalton: The message is simple. Just care, not only about yourself but others as well. You can have value in your life and bring value to other people’s lives as well. You’re the one person who can say the right thing that can change someone for the better. It’s not hard, it just needs to be consistent so not only are you doing it, but it becomes part of your daily life.

As far as mental illness. If you have a problem, don’t wait, get help now. If you know someone who is having difficulty, help them quickly. There are countless resources out their and groups out in your area. I belong to one in my county in North Jersey and please, believe me, they have helped me and countless others. You owe it to yourself to help yourself and to help others. Again, it’s a value thing that you bring to your life and into the lives of others.

On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, I would like to wish Doc Dalton all the best in his earthly and spiritual endeavors. Readers can discover more about Doc Dalton by visiting his website at

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