As the melodic brainchild of Swedish musician Hakan Sunar, Spiritual Machinery brandishes an eclectic sound filled creative vigor that can be seen in previous releases like Lady of the Night. Spiritual Machinery’s upcoming EP titled Fade Away turns out to a festive testimony of Sunar’s evolving genius.

Fade Away consists of four wonderfully-produced tracks, including some very inventive remixes by Nori Ubakata and Laurent Bourgeon. The tune in blessed with some spectacular vocals by the UK gospel singer Claire Virginia. Coupled by Vlatko Georgiev on piano, Claire floats on the original version of Fade Away with the utmost smoothness.

Laurent Bourgeon provides an ethereal mix for Fade Away containing powerful elements of acoustic sound,  and a handsome tinge of free space that puts the spotlight on Claire’s vocals. She floats on the original version of Fade Away with utmost smoothness. Nori Ubakata draws from elements of electronica and soul music genres for a refreshing groove that is equally reflective. Fade Away concludes with Condemnation ( A Depleche Mode cover) that really sums up Fade Away’s journey. Fade Away is good music for the hearts and minds of people that enjoy everyday life.



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