The beautiful pop singer and songwriter Aneessa draws attention from the music world once again with a special treat for the holiday season titled Santa Baby. Originally from France, Aneessa is able to graft a worldview on an American traditional song making this Christmas something that it ought to be – special.

Aneessa truly finds a way to reach the hearts of her audience and spread Christmas cheer with this lovely cover of Santa Baby, which was originally performed by the legendary Eartha Kitt. Aneessa is able to reinvent this lovely tune and make it her own while maintaining the respect and honor of the original version. Santa Baby by Aneessa is able to capture music lovers who hold the traditional values of Christmas and all that it stands for dear with a compelling vocal performance. Musically, Santa Baby by Aneessa is a holiday-picturesque composed of backing harmonies, chimes, and a celebrative melody. Santa Baby by Aneessa is something special for this time of year.

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