Although we find many rap artists spitting bravado about how they changed from a negative lifestyle to something more positive, none seem more profound that the artistic and spiritual transformation of Nissim Baruch Black. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Nissim started his career as a gangsta rapper known as D. Black and released two underground albums, which were titled Cause and Effect (2006) and Ali’yah (2009). However, as life began to metamorphosize into the responsibilities of being a husband and father, this gifted lyricist began to undergo an inner change, which would lead to his temporary retirement from the rap scene in 2010 in an effort to focus more on his conversion to Orthodox Judaism.

In 2013, he would springboard from retirement and begin recording under his Hebrew name Nissim. Since his reemergence, Nissim’s career has grown tremendously. He is not only admired for his expertise behind the mic, but also for the wisdom he has gained from the practice of Judaism. Nissim’s evolution has been a great source of encouragement for the Jewish community overall and for Jews of African descent. He has been featured on a variety of radio and television shows, including BBC and other globally recognized venues. Nissim has certainly redefined his life’s purpose and through such change has become a portal of inspiration for an entire generation. It is with great honor that I am happy to announce Nissim Baruch Black as the recipient of the Warlock Asylum International News 2020 Rap Artist of the Year Award! On behalf of the news page, I would like to wish Nissim all the best in his life endeavors.

Warlock Asylum International News 2020 Rap Artist of the Year Award: Nissim Baruch Black

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