Jessica Streeter aka Bluntful Jaye is certainly emerging as one of the great female emcees of our time. Born in Columbus, Ohio to a large family of eight, the prolific bar-verse diva has her own fair share of challenges growing up. It was during her youth that Bluntful Jaye would cultivate her natural-born talent as a means of making a better life for herself and family. Well, the once shy girl has carved out her own niche behind the mic in strict prose of blunt etiquette.

Bluntful Jaye has a unique style of rhyme that calls upon street awareness and in your face realism as evidenced from her recent track titled Trap House, which features Dre P. Music enthusiasts and fans of the rap genre would do well to take heed to Bluntful Jaye’s plight and she is that rare breed who aims on putting the latter of success to us.

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