On May 11th, 2020 the karmic ambassador Saturn went retrograde at 1 degrees in Aquarius and will continue its motion for the next 141 days, marching direct on September 29th, 2020 at 25 degrees in Capricorn. Saturn’s movements are very impactful in our lives, and it is due to such that this planetary giant has earned the title “great teacher”. So what can we learn from Saturn’s retrograde through Capricorn.

Saturn is the planet of karma, perseverance, and self-responsibility. Capricorn represents our traditional values and course of wisdom, all of which are challenged during Saturn’s retrograde through the earth sign. Saturn’s retrograde gives us a reality check and an opportunity to reevaluate some areas of life that we may need to reform.

During Saturn’s retrograde, we should avoid making in hasty decisions and exercise care when it comes to partnerships and association, specifically in the area of work. While many people often beckon emotions of fear when it comes to a Saturn retrograde, it is better to align with the lesson that the planet is trying to teach us in reinvention. Of course, we are always prone to justify our way of being. However, the planets are exacting in their work of giving us a clear view of our experience as planetary and celestial beings.

Another interesting and distinct feature of Saturn’s retrograde 2020 is marked by the planet’s conjunction with Altair, which is the brightest in the constellation Aquila the Eagle. This conjunction with Saturn may leave many feeling a sense of uncertainty and definitely a taste for the unexpected, though all in good fun. Remember that all will be fine if honor and virtue remain at the forefront of your daily activities. All of us will err from time to time.The best thing to do during this period is surrender to the will of the stars.

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