Based out of Brooklyn, New York, emerging rap artist and producer Jubei Marks aka J. Mark$ has put forth a splendid offering with his debut EP titled Written Dreams. J. Mark$’s creative vibe and relentless synergy unveil itself in the emotional intensity of the bars that he spits. J. Mark$ has more to give with his music than just entertainment. His inventive style of “grown-man” lingo for a lyricist that is barely out of high school represents the voice of a generation that sees reality with new eyes,

Written Dreams is comprised of four tracks that foster an organic sound. The EP opens with the track Devoid, which happens to make brilliant use of a piano loop. J. Mark$ perfectly compliments this heart-driven beat with passages of self-honesty that allow him to easily establish a relationship with the listener. J. Mark$ raps in a manner where his audience is made to feel like they are conversing with him, or as he states in his own verse “how you going to preach about loyalty and not be devoted”. 

J. Mark$’s versatility shines through the nest track Whatchu Need. More of a bravado smorgasbord that captures the complexities of loyalty and love, J. Mark$’s animated flow makes this ride a definite jewel. Daisy follows. One of my favorite tracks from Written Dreams, J. Mark$ is able to build a cinematic portrait of the heart on the point of breakup. The music is equally brilliant. Written Dreams closes with the ingenious tune Church Ave where J. Mark$  takes us behind the steering wheel of life.

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  1. Music is fire and other hits like Lane, Recording in Process, Understood, r good 2!

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