Wolfgang Steinwedder is a spirited musician that has branded his own sound. Steinwidder has a wealth of artistic experience that often sparks his creative ingenuity. My recent conversation with Steinwidder sheds a lot of light into my own form of expression. I think you will find his words and work inspiring. Enjoy!


Warlock Asylum: I would like to begin by saying thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share some insights into your career with our readers today. Please introduce yourself. Who is Wolfgang Steinwidder?

Wolfgang Steinwidder: Wolfgang Steinwidder is an Austrian composer, musician, and artist, who feels as American as he can be while composing new songs in Los Angeles. Started early with music and enjoy playing all the instruments by myself in the studio.

Warlock Asylum: When was your first introduction to music and what inspired you to make it your career path?

Wolfgang Steinwidder: When I was 5 years old, I was standing at the window watching a musical band pass by and started crying. It wasn’t because of the band’s music, but what I heard in my head added to that music.

Warlock Asylum: What was your home environment like as a child and how did it contribute to your musical path?

Wolfgang Steinwidder: We are a very musical family. Music was always a part of our lives, but not in the way of folk music, or home music. It was always more alongside the intellectual path. I was very shy as a child and everything was happening inside – so most people had no idea about the growing idea in my head. Composition is everything about your development within you.

Warlock Asylum: Music is such a vast sphere of many genres. How did rock music become your primary mode of expression among other musical styles?

Wolfgang Steinwidder: It wasn`t at first. I was studying classical vocals and organ. And I do love classical music. The rock n’ roll fascination came into my life in the early 80s when bands like Europe or Van Halen succeeded. I was greatly intrigued by their mix of synthesizers and rock elements, and I still am.

Warlock Asylum: Tell us about your journey into the United States and some of the reasons why you chose this country as a newfound homeland.

Wolfgang Steinwidder: Home is where the heart is without any doubt. In 2017, I was traveling to the US for the first time because of a girl I had met who was living in the South. The love failed, but I fell in love with the United States of America – forever.

I was surprised by how much Americans do love their country. And then I went again in 2018, but this time to Los Angeles. And I felt home from the first moment when I touched the ground. It has nothing to do with the buildings nor the Hollywood movie business. Not at all. It’s all about the feel. Oftentimes, when I walk down the boulevard, I run back home because I`m struggling to keep all the ideas I had together. Home is not explainable. It is a feeling to be understood without any word. Not to have explained anything, not the style, not the music. Just accepted as what I am; as an artist and composer.

Warlock Asylum: How did you come up with the artistic pseudonym composing4you?

Wolfgang Steinwidder: It was never my idea or will to follow the path of others. I didn`t want to replay music or copy it. I wanted to compose new music and develop new concepts. But most of all it is meant as a gift, to give a good feeling to others and to touch people’s lives. Music is made to enrich the world. And I am composing the music for you. Composing4you.

Warlock Asylum: I see! What is your formula for writing songs?

I go on a journey every single time. My way of songwriting is like Los Angeles. Surprising, unexpected, out on the horizon looking for the kicks, just moving forward without any idea how and where everything is going to end. If you sing the song in that state of mind and you feel nothing, then please throw it away. There must be a feel, there must be tears. There must be a full range of feelings. If you don’t burn like hell, how do u want to set the stage on fire?

Warlock Asylum: Out of all the music that you have written is there any one particular track that is your favorite?

Wolfgang Steinwidder: If I would have to make a choice for a song, I would choose the lyrics and not the title; “And touch my tears with your lips, and touch my world with your fingertips….then we can have forever, then we can love forever…Forever is our today.” This song means everything to me.

Warlock Asylum: I like your song We Rock 4 You Tonite. Can you tell us a little about how this song came about?

Wolfgang Steinwidder: Thank you! After three years of working on my album, everything in me wants to play a live performance now. It`s time to do my task – to go home to my family and celebrate being together.  We  Rock 4 You Tonite is talking about what I think about concerts. I am just here to bring a gift to my audience to serve them, to make them have a great time. And I feel that rumble inside of me. I feel it. Cause we are gonna rock 4 you tonight. And if we have to go there with an old truck, we will come. And if the room is half empty because of corvid-10, we will rock for you in the same way we would rock sold-out show at Wembley stadium. This dream will come true.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the messages that you seek to convey in your music?

Wolfgang Steinwidder: I think that we are all one. No matter which religion, no matter which race or individual political convictions. I am no politician, but I will ask my audience to hold each other’s hands. I want them to love each other. We are all from the same family. In music, we can be one. And if we keep singing, it will be heard.


Warlock Asylum: What can our readers expect to hear from composing4you in the near future? Any final thoughts

Wolfgang Steinwidder: There will be one more single this year. And one thing I can tell you, it will be a fast rock song. Afterward, we will work on the upcoming album, which will also show a totally new concept. We are not here to repeat things. We create new things.

2021 will bring Composing4you live!! Finally!! (got a tear in my eye) And if you have the opportunity to attend one of our shows then join us!! Cause we will give everything to make you have a great time! See you!


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