February 28, 2020, National Harbor, Maryland, U.S: Candace Owens, co-founder of the BLEXIT Foundation, speaking at the 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, MD. (Credit Image: © Evan Golub/ZUMA Wire)


For the first time in American history, we find that both the Moorish American community is having the same debate amongst themselves as their African American brethren. How do we proceed forward?

In the case of Moorish America, there is this contentious sparring between members of the Moorish Science Temple Of America, who walk the path of law-abiding citizenry, and Moorish Nationals that often scoff at paying taxes, driving with a license while engaging in other acts of legal debauchery. Ironically, within the “black” community there is a similar struggle occurring between black conservatives and black liberals. In the case of the black conservative, heavy emphasis is placed on self-responsibility and responding to economic disparity by focusing on rebuilding the family unit, entrepreneurship, and the cultivation of traditional values. Black liberals, on the other hand, try to encourage solutions to problems affecting African Americans through a model invented by the Democratic Party, which includes all kinds of plea bargaining for compensation and the formation of programs to rebuild the black community based on promoting a partial and false narrative of the history of slavery in America.

“Having had the wrong education as a start in his racial career, the Negro has become his own greatest enemy. Most of the trouble I have had in advancing the cause of the race has come from Negroes. Booker Washington aptly described the race in one of his lectures by stating that we were like crabs in a barrel, that none would allow the other to climb over, but on any such attempt all would continue to pull back into the barrel the one crab that would make the effort to climb out. Yet, those of us with vision cannot desert the race, leaving it to suffer and die.”― Marcus Garvey, Selected Writings and Speeches of Marcus Garvey


A solution to the problem in Moorish America can clearly be solved by looking at the example set forth by Noble Drew Ali. A conservative at heart, Noble Drew Ali employed a philosophy based on self-responsibility and the rebuilding of the Moorish American family. In the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple, commonly known as the Circle 7, we read:

“Through sin and disobedience every nation has suffered slavery, due to the fact that they honored not the creed and principles of their forefathers.

That is why the nationality of the Moors was taken away from them in 1774 and the word negro, black and colored, was given to the Asiatics of America who were of Moorish descent, because they honored no the principles of their mother and father, and strayed after the gods of Europe of whom they knew nothing.“

Noble Drew Ali did not blame Europeans for the demise of the Moorish nation but advised that his people suffered because they strayed away from their relationship with their ancestors and divine creed. How foolish is it to be like one of the many black liberals who go around advocating for the removal of statues of “racist colonialist” leaders, while these same black people have the same surnames as the racists they seek to defame?

Instead of sponsoring a group that sought donations from corrupt political leaders, Noble Drew Ali was able to build an independent community that made it their motto to learn to love instead of hate. It was through the principles of love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice that Moorish Americans are able to protect themselves in life. It is ironic that we see martyrdom being made of African Americans who go against the qualities of virtue and question the reason why their endeavors are not prosperous. it is upon this very premise that we find wisdom in the words of black conservative Candace Owens.


In recent years, the lovely Candace Owens has gained political renowned for her work as a conservative commentator, political activist, and founder of the BLEXIT foundation, an organization dedicated to driving conservative principles into urban communities. Similar to the plight of the Moorish American, Owens has abandoned the Democratic Party’s marketplace of a stereotype of black oppression while standing in her resolve to uplift fallen humanity through self-empowerment methodology.

Owens takes a no-nonsense approach to many of the complexities that black people in America must face. Similar to Moorish Americans, who reject today’s racial classification model as completely unscientific and the remains of an outdated caste system, Owens doesn’t follow “skinfolk” policies but builds kinship with Americans that share the same values. The criticism that Owens has received is quite minute in comparison to Noble Drew Ali who preached that the so-called negro should not identify with terms like African, black, and colored.  (Ironically, Owens will be releasing a dynamic book entitled BlackOut in September 2020). He also taught Moorish Americans that much of what is taught about the slave trade is a myth. In conclusion, today’s black conservative moment is working to meet the aims of the same standard that Noble Drew Ali described when he said:

“I brought you everything it takes to save a nation, take it and save yourself.” 


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