The Columbian production duo ICON puts forth one of the best efforts on the urban music scene to date in their collaboration with singer and songwriter Fied, along with the Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Lyanno. The track is titled Mente Dañá (English: Mind Damages). This synergetic gem fuses together elements of both Columbian and Puerto Rican melody for quite an enchanting experience. ICON commented in a press release for Mente Dañá by adding:

“We thought of a reggaeton artist with a special voice and that women would like, that’s why we decided to have Lyanno,” says ICON about the Puerto Rican’s participation. “Working with Lyanno was a very rewarding experience. We were in Bogotá on a media tour and were told that Lyanno was going to be in the capital and we met up. It was something very natural and unexpected and the feeling was immediate. We have been working with Feid for more than 8 years. His career and ours go hand in hand; Feid is a life brother of ICON. “

Mente Dañá begins with a stirring rhythm accented by a unique drum pattern. The production is a testimony of iCON’s craftiness and the brilliance of their creative guise. Feid and Lyanno add a great amount of depth to this masterpiece with a comparative vocal performance that perfectly complements each other’s style. Mente Dañá  also comes with a colorful animated music video created by the lovely Manuela Villada (Feid’s sister), shows the story of a witch who “damages minds” and uses all kinds of spells to make the artists fall madly in love with her. The video certainly enhances the song’s theme while add to the tune’s inventive flare. Mente Dañá is as good as it gets!



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